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  • Summer Styles You Need for your Boys

    Daniella Frayman

    Posted on August 18 2018

    summer boys clothes
    Well hello Spring and goodbye Winter, finally! It sure has been a super cold winter and...
  • Huxbaby Love Stories

    Daniella Frayman

    Posted on July 31 2018

    Huxbaby Love Stories
    Calling all Huxbaby lovers!  True to their core of minimalist, monochrome and unisex fa...
  • Huxbaby Friends Collection 2018

    Daniella Frayman

    Posted on January 25 2018

    Huxbaby Friends Collection 2018
    Hux bear is here and he has brought some friends along. The new Friends collection is t...
  • Spaceluxe by Huxbaby

    Daniella Frayman

    Posted on August 24 2017

    Spaceluxe by Huxbaby
    Spaceluxe is Huxbaby's take on the sports luxe trend with a touch of outer space. This ...