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Sustainable children's rainwear

Crywolf is a sustainable rainwear brand from New Zealand, with a vision get our kids back outdoors and foster an appreciation of our planet.

Crywolf creates a range of beautiful, functional and sustainable outwerwear for kids by minimizing textile waste and supporting a circular fashion model. 

R E C Y C L E D  F A B R I C S

Crywolf are now proud to be manufacturing the popular Play Jackets and Rain Overalls using recycled fabrics that have been certified by the Global Recycled Standard. These waterproof products have been created using recycled PET polyester, produced from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and is a significant development in our effort to reduce waste and limit the environmental impact our manufacturing.

In the recycling process PET bottles are cleaned and crushed into a fine flake, then refined into a high-quality polyester yarn that is used for our fabrics. This process requires no petrol-chemicals, completely cutting out any fossil fuels. It is a highly sustainable approach to add the benefits of durability, water proofing and fade resistance to fabric.

N A T U R A L   R U B B E R   R A I N  B O O T S
Crywolf Rain Boots have been are hand-crafted from rubber tapped from the Hevea tree, which can produce rubber for 30 years. This is a natural vegan material that is waterproof, flexible and comfortable to wear.

The rubber used on Crywolf Rain Boots has been sourced from plantations in Vietnam that have been certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The FSC is a global organization focused on promoting responsible management of the worlds forests and supports that we are sourcing deforestation-free, environmentally-conscious and socially responsible natural rubber. 

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