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So you want to be a brand rep - A business perspective

Brand representatives, enthusiasts, ambassadors, collaborations whatever you want to call it, social media has opened up a whole new world out there for getting noticed and represented. Brand reps play a huge role in a business. They help to promote and spread the word to all their friends and followers. As well as providing amazing high quality images of products for the business to use freely for advertising and as content for their social media pages.

If you are new to the scene and you want to get your foot in the door. Below are some first hand tips from a business perspective on how you can become and excel at being a rep for a business.

1. Firstly, lets just get one thing out of the way. Being a brand rep is not about getting free stuff! Usually the business is one man/woman show who is also trying to make a living and feed her kids. This is their lively hood and the products that you see actually cost them time and money. So if you just want freebies stop reading now.

2. No, you do not need to be a professional photographer or have the worlds most expensive camera. Phones these days can be just as good. What you do need is an eye for detail, style and patience. I have had some amazing reps take extraordinary photos just from using their camera phones. So don't go out investing all your money on a camera just yet.

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3. Do your research. OK this one is super important. You have stumbled upon a brand that you absolutely love. Now before you go and message them and ask them if you can be a brand rep for them (I get at least a handful of these a day!) do some homework. A great place to start would be their website. Locate their About page/story. Here you will probably find all sorts of interesting facts such as the name of the owner (my personal pet peeve when I receive messages start with "hi there"). You will also get a little insight into the beginnings of the business and why it exists and who it is serving. This might also be a good time to decide whether the business is a great fit for you and visa versa.

4. So you have done your homework and researched a little bit about the business. Next place you should look at are their socials. Generally Instagram is a good place to start. Scroll through their feed and check out their style. You will probably get an idea of the feel and style of the type of account they are trying to portray. Some examples of styles you will find across children's boutiques can include: street style (graffiti, cement, skate, park photos) boho/beachy, soft and organic, white walled or an eclectic feel.

Have a think about your photos and your own account will this match that of the business or are you able to provide those types of photos.

5. Having done all of the above now is a good idea to start showing the business you get their vibe and really like them. Assuming you are already following them  (if not revert back to point 1) start by liking and commenting on their posts. Now don't go all cray cray and start liking the past 20 of their photos that's just spammy. Interact by leaving meaningful comments on their photos. please refrain from generic phrases such as "cute", "love" and simply commenting with an emoji - will also appear as spammy and generally unauthentic.

6. Now this might come as a bit of a shock to some - try purchasing an actual item from the store. You have grown to love the business, so you want to own their products regardless of whether they are sent to you for free right? This is your perfect opportunity to show the business your support. Plus now is your chance to showcase your photography and style in the photo that you take which you will then tag them in.

Additional tips:

- make sure your photos are free of generic filters (those ones you find inbuilt into Facebook and Instagram). If you use the right lighting you shouldn't need to use filters. Of coarse using external edits to enhance the photo is ok.

- photos should be crystal clear, in focus and crisp

- the hero of the shot should be the product

- clutter free photos, we don't want to see your bathroom or a couple of garbage bins in the background. threads for boys

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- a well thought out caption making mention of the business.

- most businesses will not care about the amount of likes or followers you have. As long as your photos match the style, have great captions that tell a story and you engage with your own followers.

Lastly don't be disheartened if you are not chosen or offered a position. There could be a number of reasons such as not the right time or the business has just simply reached its threshold for sending free products. Keep an eye out for searches run and enter when you can.

If you love the business continue to do so and support them no matter what. One day your efforts might just get you what you want.

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