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MOB Spotlight: Olivia Anderson from Flat out Mum

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing the lovely Olivia Anderson from Flat Out Mum. Olivia is a mama of 4 boys including twins which sure does keep her busy. And if that wasn't enough Olivia is the creator of Flat Out Mum Retreats and the twincredible products. Read below to find out just what being a boy mama is like for Olivia
Olivia flat out mum
  1. How would you describe being a boy mum

Fun, active, messy & needing eyes in the back of my head!

  1. The most unexpected thing about being a mum of boys or What’s one thing you did not expect ..

So many cuddles! My boys are always on the go but they are so affectionate too. They are still all young enough to need their Mum & give me a huge amount of love, I’m very lucky. 

  1. What has been the hardest part of being a MOB

Probably just the constant noise and mess. It is a whirlwind of activity with 4 boys so I rarely have a tidy house. They are relentless and I have to keep up with them :)

  1. Tell us your funniest story to date….

There are so many! My boys are always getting into funny situations & its just the “new normal” for me now…They constantly play tricks on each other & there is a lot of laughter in our house. At the moment Jack & Harry (6 year old identical twins) in particular make us lol every day with their hilarious comments & take on life. Never a dull moment. 

  1. And finally the best thing about being a MOB?

They keep me young at heart and nothing is too serious. Fights are frequent but short lived. We get over our obstacles & move on pretty quickly. 

They are very active but not too complicated at this stage in our life (but wish me luck for the teenage years!)

You can find our more about Olivia and her journey over on her blog Flat out Mum and Instagram

Olivia Anderson flat out mum

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