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Brand Spotlight: Sunday Soldiers

Threads for Boys is proud to stock Sunday Soldiers. A brand that was born in Western Australia in 2015 built on good vibes and laid back cool kids clothes.

The newest collection to hit our virtual shelves is Milkbar '63

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A note from Elise Doohan (Sunday Soldiers Founder and Creative Director)

"Milkbar ‘63 has been designed over a lifetime. My Dad's lifetime, specifically. This collection is inspired by the stories he told us growing up. The son of a Scotsman, my Dad lived right at the top of the hill, and he always had the longest hair in the school. Born in 1963, he grew up in an era where kids spent their weekends riding bikes, fishing with whatever they could find and their feet were always sandy. Wherever my Dad went, his two best friends were always behind him. No videogames, no social media. Just good vibes and good music. That's what Milkbar '63 is all about. Here's to you, Dad.” 
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