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Boys Room Inspiration


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What is more fun that decorating a kids room? In a way, you get to deck out your child's bedroom like you would want your own bedroom to have looked like as a kid right! There and so many ways your could decorate your little mans bedroom and sometimes you can find it hard to know where to start. Today I look at some current decorating trends used in a boys bedrooms and step away from the general 'themed' rooms to give readers some ideas for decorating their little guys space. For each of the three room designs I have taken inspiration from gorgeous clothing pieces from Threads For Boys.

A. Pants, Shirt & Moccasins-Threads For Boys. B. Wall Shelf-Design Stuff. C. Grid Cushion-CottonOn Kids. D. Muffin Lamp-CottonOn Kids. E. Print-Frankie & Co.

LIGHT AND BRIGHT- You might look at an all white boys room and think nooooo! But it is achievable! White is such a stunning choice for a kids room as you can add colour or textures in down the track. If I were to have a white room for my little guy, I would have a separate toy room or toy area for all the toys and general kids stuff to go. Choose simple items which are mainly white. Add a touch of light timber or perhaps some tan leather which will add warmth whilst still leaving the majority of the decorating white. For this mood board I have used mostly white items with a hint of black grid pattern. A very sophisticated look and as I mentioned earlier, and it breaks up the sometimes stark look of white.

A. Pants, Shirt & Moccasins-Threads For Boys. B. Wall Shelf-Design Stuff. C. Grid Cushion-CottonOn Kids. D. Muffin Lamp-CottonOn Kids. E. Print-Frankie & Co.

A. Hoody,Pants & Shoes-Threads For Boys. B.Bear Head-Adairs. C. Coat Rack-Adairs. D. Print-Hustle Living. E.Map Rug-Jack & Willows.

LITTLE MAN- I love nothing more than a little boy dressed as a little man. Styled haircut. Swanky clothes and gorgeous shoes. And I love an interior to match! If you are struggling to know where to start when decorating your child’s room, go with a theme. Now, when it comes to themes (think superhero or cartoon characters) you don't need to only use items particular to that theme. I'd rather colour block and add a few themed items into the mix. And use more than one theme if you like-there's no set rules! Two very popular trends at the moment are batman and Woodland. For this mood board I've subtly used these themes together to match the gorgeous little outfit from Threads For Boys. I've stuck with black and different shades of grey. To mix it up even more, you could add some leather or orange which would look great also!

A.Shirt, Pants, Shoes-Threads For Boys. B.Cushion-Adairs. C.Play Mat-Kmart. D.Beanbag-Lilly & Lolly. E.Print-Milk n Honey Designs. F.Banner-Koby & The Fox.

BRIGHT. BUBBLY. BOY - Sometimes I think using lots of colour in a kids room can make it look a bit cluttered and messy. But lets face it-kids stuff is bright and colourful! So work with it to create your little mans dream space. You can achieve a bright and bubbly room which still looks fab. Start by picking two or three main colours and try to buy items only in these tones. That way your don't end up with a jumbled mess and the room will be more uniform. For this mood board I have concentrated on blue tones with a little yellow and orange thrown in. When I decorate I like to purchase some items from the big retailers as they are cheaper and still perfectly fine to use in kids rooms. That way I have some dollars left over to purchase handmade or unique small business items. Hunt around and find one of a kind or custom made items to give your little mans room an extra special touch.

Most importantly, have fun when decorating you child's room! Involve your family and make it a special task which you complete together. It will put a smile on your face every time you enter the room to know that you created this special little space especially for your special little man. And imagine the smile on his little face when he enters his newly decorated space.

Zoe xx

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