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BabyDonkie’s Top Tips on Styling Your Boy’s Room

I feel incredibly lucky to be blessed with three boys and to have a daughter as well, to break up the energy of my 3 sons! They can be a handful at times, but they are also super sweet and affectionate.

In raising 3 boys, the youngest being a toddler and the eldest just turned 10, I have enjoyed many years now of parenting and trying to keep the boy’s rooms tidy and organised.

Naturally, I have also styled their rooms differently from my daughter’s room. Although, I am very much an advocate for gender neutral interior styling, mainly due to cost factors, I also don’t necessarily think blue is for boys or pink is for girls?

I was kindly asked to contribute to Threads for Boys blog post to give you some styling tips for a boy’s room.

toddler boys room inspiration

When deciding on how to style your boy’s room, you can pick a theme (space, favourite sport, superheroes), a particular colour scheme, piece of art or you can start by choosing a piece of furniture that you might love and style the room around that.

For example, a rattan hanging chair from Byron Bay Hanging Chairs and you might then choose a more boho look for the room. 

Remember that kids grow quickly and what they might LOVE now or what maybe on trend, likely won’t be in a few years. It can be good to go with styling and decorating that can be easily changed up and doesn’t cost you a small fortune.

I recommend using a Pinterest board or Mood board on Canva, to bring together the different products and colour ways you are thinking of incorporating in your room. I would suggest doing this first before you buy anything. In creating a mood board, it allows you to see whether the items will work together in your boy’s room in a cohesive way.

boys bedroom wall art

I find using decals a great way to style a room, as you can move them around and they aren’t permanent, unlike paint or wallpaper. They are perfect if you are renting a property, or if you like to constantly change up the styling of your kid’s nursery or room.

If you are after a decal range, I adore Wonderwall Decals as they really make a room come to life.

baby boy toddler boy wall art and decor

These whale decals from Wonderwall are a great way to bring colour to the walls. You can add one of their world map decals as well which I love for the educational aspect.

Another item you will need for your boy’s room is storage. Storage for all the Lego, Hot Wheels cars, Nerf guns, books and puzzles they own.


 boys room storage idea and solutions

I have found the AY-KASA folding crate system from Lillemor Lifestyle to be a brilliant space saving storage system. I like these crates as they are functional and eco-friendly. They offer a flexible way to store toys and other items your son will inherently pick up along the way…rocks, sticks, pine cones… or is that just my boys?

I love that these crates come in both bright colours and muted pastels to suit all tastes. They are also available in different sizes, so you can mix and match, depending on what you need to store.

I thought the folding storage crates were so brilliant that I just had to stock them at BabyDonkie!

 beautiful boy room ideas

BabyDonkie’s Top Tips on Styling Your Boy’s Room

  1. Start a Pinterest or Canva Moodboard to bring together all the pieces you want in your boy’s room in one place
  2. Use decals as they can be moved around the room or used in a sibling’s room once your child has grown. They are also great if you rent a property
  3. Style your room around a piece of furniture, painting or print. This will then give the room styling longevity, rather than appealing to what is on trend and you might start seeing everywhere… lighting bolts, arrows, woodland creatures

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