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5 things I didn't expect about being a boy mama

Daniella Frayman

Posted on April 15 2017

5 things I didn't expect about being a boy mama

I actually knew I was going to have a boy when I was pregnant. Not because some high-tech scan told me but because it's what I had always dreamed about. Of course, a little girl would have been lovely but I just had this feeling I was destined to be a boy mama. So, when the doctors yanked him out of me (that's what it felt like) and my husband told me "it's a boy" I smugly replied "told you it would be." And of course, bragging about always being right is something that I dearly cling on to.

Let me just make it clear, having a son is not all trains and dinosaurs. Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of trains (seriously, why the obsession kid?), but there are some other things about being a boy mama that I didn't expect.

1. Stay out of the firing line

I knew my son would have a doodle (that's what we call it in my house) but I didn't expect that in those early days, I would have to make a conscious effort to keep my mouth tightly shut to avoid wee getting in it. Eeeeewww! I quickly learned that you have to cover the hose. Even the paediatrician got a spray in the face which made my husband chuckle and say "that's my boy." So, your boy is a 'peeing in the doctor’s face' type of kid? #manchild

2. Baby boys can have boobies

I had a slight freak out when my newborn son began to develop lumps on his chest. I quickly raced to my phone and started Googling 'baby boy boobs' and discovered that it was normal. They are just a result of maternal hormones from the womb and go away quite quickly. But I double checked with the doctor to make sure. She also told me that sometimes babies can leak milk too. Say whaaat?

3. Mainstream shopping for boys sucks!

Walk in to any major clothing store and you'll find that 80% of the store is dedicated to girls clothing. Ummm I'm pretty sure that half the population are male. What's with the boys clothing inequality? Thankfully smart boy mamas decided to do something about it. They created their own businesses that cater specifically to keeping our boys on-trend (cough - Threads for boys - cough).

4. I cry when I think about his wedding day.

I love my son and sometimes when he yanks my hand and makes me dance with him, I think about his wedding day. I imagine that we'll share a beautiful mother/son dance. I really do get all teary looking into the future, hoping that he too will find his soulmate and possibly start a family of his own.

5. Boys love their mamas.

I know that my hubby is the 'fun one' but my son calls out 'Muuuuuuum' more than Dad and is obsessed with giving me kisses and 'cuggles' (that's what he calls them). He really loves just sitting with me, following me around the house and jumping all over me. We have a special closeness that he doesn't share with anyone else. Now it's not a competition but I'm just saying if it was - I'm winning! I'm quite aware that one day I may have to compete for this title with his significant other but for now I'm going to enjoy every mushy second of it.

What surprised you most about being a boy mama?

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