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5 tantrum-free ways to get your kids dressed

Getting your toddler dressed and out the door with minimal disruption to the daily routine can sometimes seem impossible.  We have all been there, you have picked the perfect outfit for your little man only for him to loose his sh*t!. Combine that with extraordinarily strong limbs and strong opinions, getting dressed can become a challenge.

But, thankfully, there are a few things you can try to make getting dressed in the morning a bit less stressful….

1. Let them choose their outfit - this one is a a bit cheeky because really you have already approved both outfits but you are giving them the power to decide what they will wear and what toddler doesn't like to be in control. Lay out a couple of outfit choices (which of course you have already meticulously picked out) and then let your toddler choose which one he would prefer to wear. Works every time!

huxbaby outfit from threads for boys

2. Compromise - you know those morning when your toddler wakes up and he is already moody? Yep, well today is probably not going to be a good day to get him to wear something he doesn't want to.  So you compromise, you let him pick one favourite item that he would like to wear and you pick the rest. That way you both win.  

3. Distract, distract, distract - if nothing else works and the clock is ticking, zoning out your toddler in front of the TV or tablet is an acceptable modern-mum solution. Turn on his favorite show, then proceed to dress his limp, zoned-out body. It’s not ideal, but we mamas have to choose our battles!

4. Layer - You know that one t-shirt that they just HAVE to wear? Well they can still wear it, hidden under a another t-shirt or jumper. That way they know they are wearing it but you don't have to see it!

5. Choose your battles - sometimes there is just not enough planning or patience in the world and you just have to let it go. If the outfit is not dangerous and they really want to wear that spiderman costumer, just let them have this one. If nothing else it will definitely be a conversation starter

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